M33 – ZWO ASI1600MM-c First Light

Telescope: Meade N6 at f/5, Orion Atlas EQ-G
Camera: ZWO ASI1600MM-c v3
Filters: Orion Imaging Skyglow pre-filter, Meade LRGB filters
Sensor Temperature: -10C, Gain: 200, Offset: 30
Guide scope: Williams Optics 50mm, Meade DSI Pro II, PHD
Luminace: 61x60sec , 1x1, saved as FITS
RGB: 16x60sec , 2x2, saved as FITS
Darks: 32x60sec saved as FITS
Flats: 32x0.003sec, LRGB, Tee-shirt flats taken during dusk
Average Light Pollution: Red zone, poor transparency
Lensed Sky Quality Meter: 18.3 mag/arc-sec^2
Stacking: Mean with a 2-sigma clip.
White Balance: Nebulosity Automatic
Software: Nebulosity, Deep Sky Stacker, Photoshop

This is the first-light LRGB image for my ZWO ASI1600MM-c v3. The evening was fairly windy with poor transparency, but I figured if nothing else I’d start to get the bugs worked out of my system and get some data to tinker with. Given the conditions, I am happy with the results. I has been a very long time since I have done true LRGB imaging and it will take a bit to get the work flow under control.

My first impressions of the camera itself are nothing but positive. It was very easy to assemble all of the parts (a mix of new and old) and to get it all working the first time out. As many have said, the 12 bit ADC proved to be a non-issue, even under these conditions. The well-depth was a bit of a surprise, about half what I was accustomed to, but it’s more of an operating characteristic than an issue, I just wasn’t expecting it. (Next time I’ll pay closer attention to all of the specs.) Binning did not work as I was expecting, so I’ll either take a closer look at that or just skip it and software bin later. This makes life simpler anyway. My trusty old Meade LRGB filter worked great, though as other have suggested I may switch to a simple UV/IR pre-filter.

Overall, I could not be happier with this camera! I have a lot of dedicated work ahead to become completely comfortable with it and getting reacquainted with modern monochrome imaging, but it should make a fantastic companion to my ZWO ASI071MC Pro color camera.

Neat stuff!


M33 (12-16-2017)-2j.jpg