NGC 7048 – Planetary Nebula in Cygnus

Telescope: Meade N6 at f/5, Orion Atlas EQ-G
Camera: ZWO ASI071MC, Orion Imaging Skyglow Filter
Sensor Temperature: 0C, Gain: 200, Offset: 50
Guide scope: Astrotech 60mm, Meade DSI Pro II, PHD
Exposure: 21x240sec saved as FITS
Darks: 32x240sec saved as FITS
Flats: 32x10sec, LED tracing table covered with 3 layers of muslin
Average Light Pollution: Red zone, fair transparency
Lensed Sky Quality Meter: 18.4 mag/arc-sec^2
Stacking: Mean with a 2-sigma clip.
White Balance: Nebulosity Automatic
Software: Nebulosity, Deep Sky Stacker, Photoshop

I came across this tiny planetary while on a star-hop around Perseus with my Revolution Imager 2 video camera. On this image scale it shows its beautiful color and just a hint of structure. Almost lost amongst the stars of the Milky Way, NGC 7048 is an estimated 6,000 light years away and is approximately 2 light years across, making it about the same physical size as the much closer M27, the Dumbbell Nebula.

Neat stuff.


NGC7048 (9-30-2017)-2j.jpg