Waning Gibbous Moon – 11/9/2017 8h 10m UT

Telescope: Meade LX50 Mak 7 at f/15, Orion Atlas EQ-G
Camera: ZWO ASI071MC, Orion Imaging Skyglow Filter
Sensor Temperature: -10C, Gain: 300, Offset: 50
Exposure: 3x(64x0.006sec), saved as FITS
White Balance: Nebulosity Automatic
Software: Nebulosity, Registax, Panorama Maker, Photoshop

This is a relatively simple 3-panel mosaic of the waxing gibbous moon taken on the morning of November 9th. I could have squeezed this into just 2 panels, but using 3 gave a bit cleaner image along the equator.

I enjoy observing the moon in the morning sky as it is very interesting to see familiar features illuminated by the setting sun. The reverse lighting often shows new detail that is not obvious when illuminated by the rising sun.


Moon (11-8-2017)-2j.jpg