Waxing Gibbous Moon – 9/4/2017 2h 30m UT

Telescope: Meade SN8 @ f/4, Orion Atlas EQ-G
Camera: ZWO ASI071MC, Highpoint Scientific IR Cut Filter
Sensor Temperature: 0C, Gain: 94, Offset: 20
Exposure: 64x1/0.004sec, saved as FITS
White Balance: Nebulosity Automatic
Software: Nebulosity, Registax, Photoshop

After taking a full set of photometric images I grabbed a quick set of source images of the moon. It was a tad hazy, but it only gave a slight halo to the background. One thing that I always look for when the moon is near full are the three dark regions near the rim of Alphonsus in the moon’s central highlands. These mark the locations of three volcanic vents and in high resolution images taken under good seeing you can glimpse the vents themselves. The dark blankets surrounding the vents are easily visible in a small telescope.


Moon (9-3-2017)-3j.jpg