The Sun – 8/16/2017 15h 0m UT

Telescope: Meade SN8 @ f/4, Orion Atlas EQ-G, Thousand Oaks solar filter
Camera: ZWO ASI071MC, Orion Imaging Skyglow Filter
Sensor Temperature: 20C, Gain: 94, Offset: 20
Exposure: 64x1/0.001sec, saved as FITS
White Balance: Nebulosity Automatic
Software: Nebulosity, Registax, Photoshop

A small group of sunspots, AR2671, has rotated into view from the far side of the sun just in time for the solar eclipse.

This was the first white-light solar image that I have taken in a long time and the first with the SN8. It took several test shots to get the focus about right and even with the ASI071MC turned down to unity gain the image was over-exposed. As it turned out, the blue was over-exposed, but the red and green were fine. This is the green channel colorized in Photoshop.