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I've recently joined the MVAS and I am now looking at purchasing my first telescope. My observing will be planet/moon/comets to start with. I've looked online, I've seen other members telescopes and I'm leaning towards a Celestron SE 6. I've seen a used one for $550 via craigslist (new are $699). What I'm looking for is feedback from other users in MVAS for things to watch out for when buying a telescope (Used or New). Also, the best place to purchase a scope. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Mark Davidson

The local Craigslist isn't a

The local Craigslist isn't a bad place to look and buying local has the advantage that you can look before you buy. I bought my 2080 LX3 off of the Dayton Craigslist. You doo need to be a little careful in that I have found that sellers on Craigslist often are not amateur astronomers and they may have a distorted view of what value, often asking new prices for used equipment. I have bought quite a bit of used equipment in recent years, most of it from the Classifieds on Cloudy Nights. Generally, I'm looking for very good prices on older used gear or pieces of newer gear if the seller has a good track record and good feedback. Value is in the eyes of the beholder. The SE 6 is a nice starter scope and the prices doesn't look too bad if the scope is nearly new and in very good condition.

Good luck!


If 50 years of amateur astronomy and space exploration has taught me anything it is that the Earth is a very special place. It would be nice to protect it like it’s the only Earth we’re ever going to have.

John, Thank you for the


Thank you for the feedback. Sounds like I'm on the right track. Also, thank you for the lead on Cloudy Nights classifieds. There are a lot of scopes there too. I'd prefer one closer to home so I can look closer at the equipment so I'm crossing my fingers that one will popup close to home.


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