Fully Restored C5 & C8

It took a bit of hunting and patience, but I finally tracked down enough parts to fully restore my classic Celestron C5 & C8. I have the original 30mm finders for both, but I've replaced them with 50mm RACI finders to make them more effective and comfortable to use. The original Celestron tripods are amazingly lightweight and stable. I was affraid that they'd be too tall for use while seated and while they are a tad higher than I'd like, they're not bad at all. Both are wonderful star-hopping scopes, though I use the C8 far more often than the C5. The C5 sees a lot of use for taking quick looks at the moon. It also makes a nice travel scope. The C5 is the oldest commercial telescope that I own (ca. 1977) while the C8 (ca. 1983) is the second oldest. As near as I can tell from the serial numbers the C8 had to be from the very end of the original orange-tube production.

Fun stuff.


Celestron C5-8 (11-24-2015)-2.jpg