The Latest Member of the Family – A Classic Celestron C5

Meet the latest member of the family; a beautifully maintained orange-tube Celestron C5 from ca. 1979., complete with the original Celestron wedge and tripod. It even came with the original 0.965” visual back and diagonal along with a 1.25” visual back (shown here). The tripod is a unique stressed-frame design that is remarkably light and sturdy. The clock drive is also in perfect order and the optics look brand new. To make the scope a little more user-friendly I’ll be replacing the 6x30 straight-though finder with a 50mm RACI finder.

I also show the C5 next to its larger sibling, the C8. This particular C8 is one of the last of the original C8s built and is about 5 years younger than the C5. Both are fantastic visual scopes.

Fun stuff.


Celestron C5-2 (9-26-2015)-1.jpg
Celestron C8 & C5-2 (9-26-2015)-1.jpg