LX50 on an Explore Scientific Twilight I Mount

This is another fantastic scope that I found on the used equipment market. The seller was apparently parting out this 8” Meade LX50 (ca. 1995) and he was offering the optical tube all by itself. This worked out well for me as I originally thought about using this as a parts-scope for an LX3 (ca. 1984) that I was restoring. Fortunately, I ended up not needing to scavenge parts from this scope and it turned out to be optically and mechanically in great shape. So, instead of removing parts, I added parts that I had on-hand to make it fully operational including a 2” visual back, 2” diagonal, a 50mm Antares RACI finder, and an ADM dovetail. In this configuration it will make a fine general-purpose visual and imaging scope. It is shown here on an ES Twilight I mount. This scope is just a tad lighter than my SC8 and the Twilight I handles the LX50 very well even with magnifications as high as 300x as long as you use a light touch with the slow motion controls.

Fun stuff.


LX50 TW1-1j.jpg