SC8 on the Twilight I

I’ve heard of people mounting 8” SCTs on the Twilight I so I decided to give it a try. The load capacity of the Twilight is rated at 18 pounds so just to be careful I weighted my SC8 and guess what? It weighed in right at 18 pounds. So I took a chance and mounted it on my Twilight I. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. There is not doubt that this is about as heavy as I’d want to go, but it did very well at 300x. After watching Io, its shadow, and the Great Red Spot transit Jupiter I dropped then magnification back to a more reasonable 75x and spent the rest of the evening star-hopping from Lepus, up through Orion, over to Puppis, and then over to Leo. Very nice!


SC8 TW1-1j.jpg

FYI... the Antares right

FYI... the Antares right angle correct image finder is really nice for star hopping.


If 50 years of amateur astronomy and space exploration has taught me anything it is that the Earth is a very special place. It would be nice to protect it like it’s the only Earth we’re ever going to have.

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