6" LX80 - A few mods...

Since my 6" SCT is likely to live on my Twilight I made a few changes. I replaced the original straight-thru finder with an Antares right-angle finder, and I added a laser pointer. I'll probably take the Antares off to save weight most of the time, using it when the sky is too bright for the laser pointer to work well or when it is not appropriate to use a laser pointer.

Although there is still snow on the ground, The Great Melt-off has begun! I can't remember a winter where we had snow cover for as long as we did this year.

C'mon spring!



I just came inside after two wonderful hours with this setup. The combination of the laser pointer and right-angle finder works very well. The laser pointer helps me get into the area of a target without straining my back, and then I can pick it up in the finder. The slow motion controls and smooth movement of the mount makes star-hopping a breeze. That, and having Sky Safari Pro showing star maps oriented to the horizon.

What a great hobby. Smile

LX80 TW1-3j.jpg