Orion Atlas on a Meade Giant Field Tripod

I absolutely love my Orion Atlas for imaging, but for visual I find the tripod to be a tad short. I thought about buying the Orion extension, but I was concerned that it might make the mount more cumbersome to move around since I use it mostly for imaging where the extension isn’t needed. I also didn’t like the idea of extending the legs. I just happen to have a Meade Giant Field Tripod that is taller and stronger than the Atlas tripod and all I needed was an adapter to fit the Atlas head on top of the Meade tripod. I cobbled together a spacer using a PVC reducing union that I had and used the mounting bolt from the Atlas tripod. It's kinda crude, but it works, and it raises my LX6 up higher where it is much more comfortable to use visually.


Atlas LX6 GFT.jpg