I'm in Santa Barbara for a conference for the next couple of days. Just for yucks I searched Google maps for SBIG. It turns out that they are just off of the north end of the runways across the street from the airport. Unfortunately, I'm not staying anywhere near the airport or I'd stop by and see if they have any free samples. Smile


Santa Barbara is not a shabby

Santa Barbara is not a shabby place for a boondog..., uh, I mean conference. I hear SBIG has a container out back where they keep free samples. I also hear that this container bears a striking resemblance to a dumpster. Probably to discourage the idly curious tourist from asking embarrassing questions.

Hey, maybe you could convince them that you are a product reviewer for that famous astronomy publication, "The Amateur Astronomer," and that you would like to evaluate their latest product for the next issue. They might give you a loaner. It's worth a try.

Good luck, and enjoy the conference.


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