Meade 6” LX80 OTA

My latest addition; a Meade 6” LX80 OTA on an Atlas EQ-G. The telescope (and its larger 8” sibling) are left-overs from LX80 production. While the LX80 mount suffered growing pains the telescopes were wonderful! The optics are pristine, collimation was spot-on, the focuser is firm and smooth in both directions without any detectable mirror shift. The images are sharp and clear with excellent contrast. The only thing that caught my eye was some discoloration of the crinkle finish near the end rings, but this cleaned up nicely with a damp cloth. It has been a lot of fun running it through its paces. So far it has proven to be a very nice photo/visual scope.


Atlas LX80-1a.jpg
Atlas LX80-2a.jpg