Orion Atlas from Orion's Clearance Center

Just FYI... Last week I bought an Orion Atlas from their clearance center. I was a tad worried since you don't know why some of these items ended up on clearance. I bought this mount primarily for visual use so that I can leave my original Atlas zeroed in for imaging. The mount arrived Friday and I had it up and running Friday evening with my 10" LX6 on it. Although I don't intend to use this mount for imaging I had it out last night configured with my SN6/450Da for remote observing. So far I can't find anything wrong with this mount. There's a tiny bit of play in the dec axis, but that's not a big deal. The manual was missing, which means that this could have been a returned item. Soooo, I nded up with a retty good Atlas, with a 30-day warranty, for the price of a Sirius.