New to me LX200

My new to me deforked 10" LX200 riding on my Altas. The scope is fitted with the Meade dew shield (very nice) and a Crayford SCT focuser from ScopeStuff (also very nice). The ADM saddle plate is fitted with an ETX-60 guidescope. The black box on top is my homemade dew shield for my Telrad. After tweaking the collimation and getting it cooled down with a Lymax Cat Cooler the optics look great! I'm hoping that this will become my primary high resolution imaging scope. The Plan at the moment is to refork my 10" LX6 for visual use.

Fun stuff.


Atlas LX200-2.jpg

Ack! For the moment, I've

Ack! For the moment, I've chickened out on reforking my LX6. I had it all ready to do the deed, when I just couldn't bring myself to pull the rail off of the LX6, it's just so nice! I have the parts to adapt the Losmandy to a Vixen, so I'm pondering going that way so I can mount the LX6 on either my Atlas (which has a dual saddle plate) or an LXD75 as a lighter visual-only option. Either way, The Plan is to keep the weight off of the LX6 to make it a nice visual scope.

What a fun hobby. Smile


If 50 years of amateur astronomy and space exploration has taught me anything it is that the Earth is a very special place. It would be nice to protect it like it’s the only Earth we’re ever going to have.

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