JB Observatory from the air

I stopped by the observatory with Diane and my Florida son and daughter-in-law. They wanted to see the observatory. I decided it was a good place to take a little film with my new quadcopter. If you have ever wondered what the observatory looks like from 40 feet up, here is your chance.

Take a look at my youtube video:

Rick Allnutt

Wow, that's cool! The

Wow, that's cool! The compound has changed a lot over the years. Looks kinda barren with all of the trees gone. When I first visited the site in 1976 we hadn't yet discovered the sidewalk! I took some of the first aerial pictures of the observatory from a Cessna 150 in 1978.

Cool beans.


If 50 years of amateur astronomy and space exploration has taught me anything it is that the Earth is a very special place. It would be nice to protect it like it’s the only Earth we’re ever going to have.

Thanks John!

Thanks John!

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