NGC 278 – Spiral Galaxy in Cassiopeia

Telescope: Meade SN6, Orion Atlas EQ-G
Guide scope: None

DSI Pro III, Hutech IDAS LPS2, 16x60sec saved as FITS
Darks: Envisage Automatic
Flats: Synthetic

DSI III, Orion Imaging Sky Glow Filter, 18x60sec saved as FITS3P
Darks: Envisage Automatic
Flats: Synthetic

Software: Envisage, Nebulosity, Photoshop

This is NGC 278, a darling little spiral galaxy in Cassiopeia. I first spotted this object while observing NGC 147 and 185, two far-flung satellite galaxies of the Andromeda galaxy located way up in Cassiopeia. While small, the relatively high surface brightness of NGC 278 makes it a fairly easy visual target.


NGC278 (10-28-2013)-1j.jpg