Comet Lovejoy 2013 R1 Movie

Comet Lovejoy 2013 R1 Movie time!!!
Comet Lovejoy 2013 R1 moving through Canis Minor on 10-26-2013 in HD
Here is the movie animation from the 2 minute stills,
30 wide angle frames animated to show the comets motion through the Stars near Procyon in Canis Minor early Saturday morning! Captured from my observatories in Yellow Springs, Ohio USA. QHY8 cooled color CCD camera & homemade 16" F4.5 diameter telescope.
The still image is from 30 x 2 minute exposures(60 minutes total) tracked on the nucleus to show the Comet's New Faint tail! Video is from 30 x 2minutes tracked on the stars! see the movie on the youtube link below!

Best Regards,
John Chumack