New Bright Nova in Delphinus 6.1 mag

Hi All,

A New Bright Nova in Delpinus!!!!
Here is my image of the New Nova in Delphinus,
the brightest star in this FOV at 6.1 magnitude.
Yes, visible in binoculars…..but hard to see naked eye unless you are in a very dark sky….and know exactly where to look.
This is a very bright Nova…most don’t get above 8th magnitude.

Nova in Delphinus - PNV J20233073+2046041 at Mag. 6.1, want to see it?,
punch in these coordinates
RA 20h 23min 30.73 sec DEC +20 d 46min 04.1 sec

QHY8 Cooled Color CCD Camera + Homemade 16" Newtonian scope. 30 minute exposure
At JBSPO in Yellow Springs , Ohio USA

Best Regards,
John Chumack