Club Scope for Sale - Meade LX6 10" Schmidt Cassegrain

This is a club scope and is considered a surplus asset; we are putting it up for sale. Members are encouraged to try this scope out if interested in making an offer. It will remain at John Bryan Observatory for anyone who wishes to check it out. It mounts easily to the wedge on the yard pier.

Send your confidential bid to Linda Weiss.

April 1, we'll consider our offers, and sell to the highest bidding member, providing it meets our reserve of $350. If it does not sell to a member, we'll put it on the net where similar scopes sell for $500 or more.

Meade LX-6 Schmidt-Cassegrain 10” Scope

Model 2120 10”

Serial no. 108861

Date of manufacture: about 1989-1990

Focal ratio: F/6.3

Includes :

• Fork mount with right ascension drive and hand controller.
• 12 volt DC power supply (AC converter)
• ETX-60 finder scope with illuminated reticle eyepiece (needs battery)
• 8 x 50 finder scope
• Eyepiece, 10 mm University Optics

Does not include the wedge

The electric right ascension drive works and tracks well. Please note that this fork mount is not designed to work in altitude-azimuth mode, nor does it have go-to capability. It requires a wedge and proper polar alignment to track.

The focal ratio is a bit unusual at f/6.3. Most SCTs are made with focal ratio of f/10. In its time, this scope was offered by Meade as a wider-field alternative for appealing to deep-sky observers and photographers.

For more information and discussion about this scope model, there is an active Yahoo group by the name Meade-LX5-LX6:

LX6 10" SCT -1
LX6 front view
LX6 side view

Now that the bidding is over

Now that the bidding is over I can break my silence. I was soooo happy and excited to have a successful bid! We ran out to JB on Saturday and picked it up. It was wondefully packed away in its original case and overall in very good condition, nothing a little Windex won't fix. After figuring out how to lift it out of its case (it is a bit of a beast) and fiddling with it for a bit I figured out how to operate it manually in altaz mode and set it up out in my yard on top of a Workmate. As soon as it was dark enough I pointed it at Polaris and roughed-in the colimation. I mixed-and-match some parts on the visual back to check out a few things and then spent the next couple of hours using it with my 24mm UWA. I've got some tweaks to do yet, but this should make a wonderful scope when I finally get it configured. I'll make a dew shield for it this evening, then start to work on a mount. The Plan is to make a simple pedestal mount for now and leave it configured for manual altaz use. After that, I'll tackle making a wedge or keep my eye open for an affordable used wedge. However, since I also saw an offer on an SN8 on Cloudy Nights that I just couldn't refuse, that could be a while. Smile

I'll post pics once I have it up on its feet (and off the Workmate).

Thanks everyone, and have a great day!


If 50 years of amateur astronomy and space exploration has taught me anything it is that the Earth is a very special place. It would be nice to protect it like it’s the only Earth we’re ever going to have.

The reason for this sale, as

The reason for this sale, as I understand it, is to raise funds for a new and more useful club asset by selling an old one that is no longer used. This purpose would be better served by selling, rather than donating the item. If no club member wishes to purchase this telescope, then the original plan, proposed by the Board and approved by a vote of the membership, to offer it for sale to the larger amateur astronomical community should be pursued. Only if the item can not find a buyer in that venue should donation be considered, in my opinion.

Ed Novak

I was NOT suggesting a

I was NOT suggesting a Donation.

I guess I misunderstood the

I guess I misunderstood the term "offer" absent the clarifying infinitive "to sell." Silly me.

I should have written it more

I should have written it more clearly, sorry about the confusion.

Perry, Thanks for your


Thanks for your suggestion, and the clarification. If you were suggesting a fair market value sale to an academic research endeavor, that would certainly meet the goals of the club in the event the scope does not sell to a member. Selling locally would certainly be easier for both the buyer and the seller than listing on line and arranging for safe (and expensive) shipping.

Let's see what happens April 1. We'll keep your suggestion handy in case it is needed.

Dave Polan
JBO Chair, MVAS Board

If no MVAS member wants it,

If no MVAS member wants it, might we offer it to the Physics/Astronomy Departments at the local Universities?

Odd ball equipment can sometimes find a new lease on life in the hands of Graduate Students.

I know who to call in the Wright State Physics Department. I'll gladly make inquiries there and elsewhere.

Perry Brigner

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