Hydrogen Alpha Horsehead

It has been a busy night! I have a lot of protons to process but I was excited by this one. Please ignore the dust motes and satellite trail NO flats or darks applied yet Sad Stacked 1 hr and 20 min of exposures in Ha of the Horsehead region 4x15m and 4x5m. It looks like the tracking was acceptable at least to me. Meade 80mm APO Triplet and Sbig ST8300M with Baader narrow band filters. You should see the full resolution images (it would be nice to post larger images). The cropped closeup has some good detail fo a 80mm scope Smile it looks like it is steaming! I still have 4 hours of images from the Rosette to look at yet. The stacked image for this file was almost 150,000kb can't wait to see how big a 4hr file is.

Clear skies,

HH up close low res.jpg
Narrowband Hydrogen Alpha Horsehead large low res.jpg

Hi Guys, This is probably my

Hi Guys, This is probably my favorite deep sky object. I just collected 4.5hrs of additional data last night giving me around 6hrs of total data in Ha. I think this should produce a well defined image if I can get the processing correct. I will add some 2x2 or 3x3 binned RGB later for the color. I will shoot darks tonite as I had to image at a lower temp than (normal @ -5C) (last night @ -30C) Smile This should really increase the S/N ratio.....

Clear skies,

Keith, Great Job! Lots of


Great Job! Lots of nice details..don't worry about tracking, that will improve later...and you can fix it up with software anyway.

Good captured!!!

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John Chumack

Wow, there's a lot of

Wow, there's a lot of wonderful detail in there. It looks like billowing clouds along the shock front. Last night was really pleasant. I had both my imaging and visual gear outside, though I put it away when the first wave of clouds came through. I stepped outside and saw that it had cleared out again, so I put my visual gear back out and enjoyed an hour or so hunting down objects from Lepus, across Orion, and up into Gemini.

Neat stuff.


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